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Our algorithm learnt from 200,000 matches from 27,000 teams.

Our Capabilities

Over 50,000 soccer matches are predicted at 98% accuracy.

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We are analyzing every soccer match around the globe, LIVE, 24/7.

Operations Consulting

We are able to provide game strategies for live matches.

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Analyst Masters (AM) is one of the advanced real-time soccer analysis systems. We have developed novel algorithms to analyze and predict sports matches using teams' performance histories, publicly available odds and summarized in-game analysis using artificial intelligence of our powerful servers. Over 300,000 matches were analyzed real-time, from 27,000 soccer teams of 200 countries and it is still growing.

One of the applications of our analysis is prediction. The very basic application would be the sports gambling and risk management for sportsbook suppliers. Our future plan is to provide funding for additional servers to analyze other sports fields. Similar to Coca Cola formula protected in the very famous safe, only the founder of the company has access to the algorithms.

A few words about us

Our aim is to provide a new tool for sportsbooks used by online betting companies

Currently the giant betting companies in this field lose a lot of money as they can not predict soccer matches accurately. On the other hand, there are betadvisors or sports analysts who charge people for a constant monthly subscription fee and promise to help gamblers predict matches. Currently the best advisers achieve 58% prediction accuracy and they promise 6% monthly betting profit.

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Types Of Predictions

How could predictions help the sports betting industry?

A bookmaker adjusts the odds in his (betting company) favor. He aims to guarantee a profit by achieving a 'balanced book' for sports matches. The bookmaker does not generally attempt to make money from the bets themselves, but rather by acting as a market maker. We endeavor to beat them in your favor.

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Latest Predictions

Successful comeback prediction proves reliable in-play analysis where the profits are over 500% per match.

Accurate pre-match analysis of match outcome, number of goals and goal scorers order.

Risk management of in-play odds and teams performance.

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